Judgment in Hungary (formerly The Trial)

The trial of neo-Nazi serial murdering taking place in Hungary where the extreme right-wing party is second in Parliament.

Hungary was the site of serial murders by neo-Nazis. Over the course of two years, the murderers killed Roma children and adults. Their aim was to victimize the Roma. The judicial hearings on this unprecedented and bloody series of murders are now underway in Budapest. This film traces the fate of three Roma families who trust the judicial system to give them closure. They believe that the murderers - who killed their beloved family members - will be punished. They trust that the Hungarian state will protect them. The judge has a hard time keeping the passions in check. The decision is expected in early summer of 2012. The relatives of the victims are counting the days; they expect the verdict to bring them a measure of peace. Others are expecting an entirely different outcome… Will these families achieve what they seek? What will be the outcome of the marathon, year-long trial? And what will happen afterwards?

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