Lift Like A Girl

A coming of age story about the 14-year-old Egyptian girl Zebiba, who's determined to become a professional and world champion weightlifter. She believes her coach; Captain Ramadan, can help her achieve this unconventional dream, as he did before for his own daughter Nahla Ramadan, the former world champion weightlifter, Olympian and one of the most famous Egyptian athletes of all times. Having Nahla as her idol and having a coach that takes no for an answer, Zebiba trains daily in the streets of the bustling city of Alexandria. For 4 years, Zebiba remains as determined through victories and even defeats.

Countries of production: Egypt / Germany IMPACT GOALS * Inspire children in the Arab world to pursue their unconventional dreams. * Empower women and youth in sports and raise the visibility of female role models. * Tackle the gender bias problem in all languages and specifically in sports. * Educate and raise awareness about critical topics in sports such as doping, coach-trainee relationship and the effect of it on character building and development.

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