Living On Top Of The Fault / [Re] Lawan

Living on Top of the Fault immerses the audience inside the most important community movement in Central Sulawesi after the deadly disaster that claimed more than 4,000 lives.

Despite the precarious geological location on top of an active Palu-Koro strike-slip fault that moved 3-4 mm a year, both the government and public in Palu do not have disaster mitigation strategies that can manage risks and prevent massive loss of lives and properties. Currently, the government and foreign aid agencies are planning to erect a multi-billion dollar giant sea wall to protect the shore of Central Sulawesi from tsunami. Living on Top of the Fault reveals the uphill struggle experienced by a group of activities and artists who want to use science, history and local wisdom to educate the public about how to plan their lives around periodic natural disasters that are happening in their communities. Will policy-makers and development agencies listen and cooperate with a grassroots movement that is more participatory and sustainable? The ultimate goal of the film is to ensure that communities can strive to live their utmost potentials, even when they live side by side periodic and repetitive natural disasters.