Love Free Or Die

The story of a man whose two defining passions are in great conflict: his love for God and his love for his partner Mark. This film follows Bishop Gene Robinson, the first openly gay partnered bishop in the high church traditions of Christendom, and a host of others who are making history and whose lives hang in the balance of the current church/state battles for LGBT equality.

The Truth Will Set You Free follows the first openly gay Episcopal bishop and a host of others in the church/state struggle for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality in America. Our film provides the personal stories the movement now needs to show that gay love - whether it be romantic, parental, or religious - is not bad, but good. Many identify the Church and other organized religious institutions as the greatest institutional source of oppression locally and globally for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. For millions of Americans, what happens at church on Sunday dictates what is said around the kitchen table the rest of the week, and people take that conversation straight to the voting booth. That's why we are making this film. What we have been debating in the movement for LGBT equality is whether or not LGBT people are fully human. That is the issue - just as it was in the debates over the full equality of African Americans and women. As the Church comes out and says definitively yes - those who discriminate turn from a moral majority into a bigoted minority. That is what we see happening the more LGBT people speak out and show the world who we really are. THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE charts the struggle for equality in church and state as it unfolds from New England to Nigeria and captures this epic chapter of religious and human-rights history with unparalleled access to Bishop Gene Robinson and a broad range of subjects who represent the spectrum of points of view, and, in the case of some, whose fates hang in the balance of where the Church and state come down on the issue. From Gene's civil union in New Hampshire in June 2008, to the once-every-ten-years global bishops' gathering in Canterbury that summer, to the current fracture within the Church that's inching toward total schism, to Gene's opening invocation of Barack Obama's Presidential Inauguration, to the battle to legalize same-sex marriage in Gene's home state of New Hampshire, to last summer's triennial gathering of the Episcopal Church, at which the American Church voted to stand for justice, THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE documents from the intimate inside what conservative Christians are calling the coming of Satan and progressive Christians are calling the end of patriarchy and the pathway to freedom for all.

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