Love, the last chapter

Love, The Last Chapter follows several couples residing in Aspen Silvera, a supportive-living seniors community in Calgary. All of the couples are elderly and each is experiencing a different stage of a romantic relationship. Some residents are in new romances, some are maintaining long-term partnerships, and some are being pulled apart as one half of the couple must be moved into a higher-level care facility. As these seniors assert their desire to have meaningful connections, they sometimes create uncomfortable and uncharted territory for their families, employees who serve them, and caregivers. As we grow older and depend more on others we are often pressured to forfeit our decision-making autonomy. Love and intimacy can be compromised by conscious or unconscious ageism and preferences of family members striving for hygiene and safety. Yet, in the final chapter of life, love in all its forms is more essential than anything. How can we work to meet our elders’ crucial physical and emotional relationship needs and uphold their rights and dignity?

IMPACT GOALS Help people make better-informed decisions for themselves or their family members by destigmatizing the aging and elder care decision-making process. Prevent elder couples from being separated in assisted living facilities. Prioritize joy, quality of life, and the protection of the rights and freedoms of elders.