Lust For Life (formerly Dancing with Hugo Boss)

Dancing with Hugo Boss is a feature documentary that will take a personal look at the importance of life, love and mortality. This life affirming film raises issues about coping with cancer and long term illnesses, family relationships, recreating ones identity and a desire to line dance in a pair of Hugo Boss boots!

Heather Leach was a cheeky flame-haired documentary director making films for the BBC and Channel 4 in the UK. Based in London for 10 years, Heather was living life to the full - maybe too full! She was juggling demanding productions and coping with a thyroid condition (graves disease) that put a strain on her cardiovascular system and made it almost impossible for her to have children. after 4 yr of failed medication Heather then decided to have her thyroid removed, it was then that she was suddenly diagnosed with cancer. Within four days of being told of her new illness, the vibrant workaholic, had picked up her camera and started making this film. Heather's diagnosis (in 2008) triggered a whole range of emotions, but more significantly, she was suddenly reconsidering the purpose of life and having to stop and think about what (and who) really mattered. Recovering from surgery, Heather made a decision that would define her relationship with illness; she decided to write a mischievous To Do List (it would become a sword and shield in her battle with her health and an important mechanism and driving force in her search for love) as she realized her time to start really living life was 'Now'. The list (instigated by a vision, where Heather was line dancing in an amazing pair of Hugo Boss boots that she had seen in a magazine just before the diagnosis) helps her deal with the dark moments when death seemed a viable option and the rollercoaster ride to moments of total elation. Full of naughtiness and laughter the film will demonstrate the "joie de vivre" one can have in spite of illness. Told entirely from Heather's point-of-view, Dancing with Hugo Boss uses intimate footage recorded over the past 3 years in Rochdale, London, Italy, France and Canada, to share this personal journey in verite style scenes, conversations behind the camera, video diaries, an archive of photographs and old home movies all documenting Heather's evolving, yet universal trials. It includes her friends, potential and ex lovers and 2 amazing senior citizens living and dying with cancer that she encountered along the way. Heather's mother becomes the camerawoman when Heather needs a different perspective, her toddler nephew Jack, is a clumsy cheeky soundman. Her Dad does what he always does - lovingly avoids the camera. Ultimately, this is a life affirming film with universal appeal. It is Heather's witty approach and her ability to see her experience as a humorous life-enhancing journey that sets her apart from the rest, allowing audiences the opportunity to consider the bigger picture and question, how much we really engage in living our lives.

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