On The Crossbar

On the Crossbar tells the story of the fiercest clash between the trade union organization (UGTT) and the regime during the general strike of 26 January 1978 in Tunisia, during which more than 600 people were killed in the worst toll in Tunisia's history. The clash started with the union's demand for its independence in the circumstances of the succession of the "sick" President Habib Bourguiba. During the same period, the Tunisian national football team was playing its qualifying match for the FIFA World Cup. Contrary to what was expected, the team's career exceeded the qualifiers and brought it to the limits of the World Cup, in stunning harmony with the escalation of events in the country.

Country of production: Tunisia IMPACT GOALS * Inform the public of the massacre that took place in January 1978 in Tunisia. * Create a database based on the testimonials of people who lost someone in the massacre of January 1978 and compile an accurate list of martyrs. * Get a state recognition about the massacre and declare the 26th of January a memorial day. * Ignite a national and regional dialogue about all the "disappeared".

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