Seven Name Woman

This is the story of a woman who found through reinvention a way to survive, in a country that turned its back on her. Her identity is built on forgotten names. Yineth is the seventh one. A peasant girl, a young guerrilla, a middle-class mother, and a government official all make up her story.

(Dir. Daniela Castro & Nicolas Ordóñez, Prod. Rocío Caro) Yineth is a woman of the seven names. Each of them has a different way of being, a way of seeing and relating to the world, a reinvention. Her body is the common denominator within of the diffuse identity of a woman who has been many, at the same time. Yinan born in a forgotten place in Colombia, being a peasant child who played the role of mother of her siblings. At her 12 years old, Yira is recruited by armed group. At her 20, Tania tries to get back to be part of a society to which she is invisible, finding a place among the marginalized. Nowadays, Yineth works for the government. The story of this woman is transversal as the pain of this country. The burden that have dressing up again with a camouflaged uniform in her living room, the vanity of a cosmopolitan woman, the dreams and imagination of a little girl and a set of opposites, draw the most human and complex of her character: Yineth is a woman running away from her past, but is addicted to it as well.

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