The Flaw

What caused the great American financial meltdown of 2007/8, an event whose consequences will continue to be felt all over the world for years, perhaps decades, to come? The Flaw delves into the history of American capitalism to provide a definitive - and surprising - answer.

Today in the UK there is an interesting opportunity to bring the discussion of income distribution to the fore of public debate. The new government has a stated policy of limiting wage differentials in the public sector to a factor of twenty. Taken seriously, and extended into the private sector through the tendering process, this policy offers the possibility of a profound economic and cultural shift. The Flaw could and should make a valuable contribution to this discussion. Our conclusion, that excessive income inequality is itself a threat to economic stability, is all the more credible, we feel, because we came to it not from some pre-conceived ideological agenda, but from an open-minded analysis of the facts - facts which are, we hope, clearly, persuasively and entertainingly elucidated in our film.

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