The Magnitude of All Things

The Magnitude of All Things is a cinematic exploration of grief and hope in times of personal and planetary change. It weaves together the story of the cancer diagnosis of the filmmaker's late sister Saille, and a collection of emotional and psychological responses to the climate crisis around the world. What do these two threads have in common? The answer, surprisingly, is nearly everything. While grief is our starting point, it’s not the end. The Magnitude of All Things seeks to bring the language of climate grief into discussions about climate change, helping people find meaning - and meaningful action - in our troubled and changing world.

IMPACT GOALS Provide permission and language to society to process climate distress, moving the mainstream conversation away from paralysis by introducing emotionally relevant language. Educate the psychiatric and medical professions and have “climate distress, eco-anxiety, and climate grief” acknowledged as a growing cause of depressive and anxiety disorders. Create a grieving-to-action pipeline by connecting climate action organizations to these above initiatives.