Five years before Wall street’s implosion in 2008, The Corporation, a popular and prophetic analysis of the modern business corporation, famously diagnosed its legal persona as a psychopath. But with Corporate Social Responsibility programs and Shared Value initiatives, corporations now proclaim they are more caring and conscientious. The New Corporation [working title], a sequel from the same filmmakers, takes stock of where things stand today and where we could be headed.

Has the psychopath just become more charming? How has it recreated our reality to serve its own ends? And how does it get away with it? Despite increasing inequality, environmental destruction, and growing political instability, the corporation’s power has grown to an all-time high. Corporations are taking the lead on global issues as governments cede them power. And Donald Trump is in the White House. The new normal is very strange indeed. Around the world, much of the social support and infrastructure essential for democratic governance has been or is in the process of being privatized. Our social media world has created a corporate ‘commons.’ Increasingly, even our relationships, with each other and the world, are governed by corporations. The stakes have never been higher. Diving into distortions and distractions which traumatize people on a daily basis, The New Corporation offers a therapeutic lifeline -- giving us examples that show us that not only is it OK to think, act, and imagine alternatives to corporate control, it’s essential that we do exactly that. And our impact campaign will give audiences the tools to do it.

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