To Be Heard

To Be Heard is the story of 3 high-school students who find their way into a radical poetry workshop in the South Bronx. It is a film about lives and language on the edge. The associated engagement campaign, Power Poetry, will be the world's first mobile and online poetry community for youth where creative energies convert social networking into social activism.

To Be Heard is about lives and language on the edge. Karina, Pearl and Anthony are three teenagers in a radical poetry workshop called Power Writing who together embark on a journey to change their lives. Putting pen to paper they're able to imagine, for the first time, a future where fathers aren't in jail, mothers aren't abusive and college isn't something you only see on TV. Within their words are the means to escape but can they turn their dreams into reality? This film challenges traditional assumptions about teaching, the value of poetry, the nature of race and class in urban America and ultimately, what it takes to write your own life story.

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