A transgender woman from Istanbul, fights against the hate violence against her companions.

Ebru, a transgender woman from Istanbul, fights against the hate crime murders of her companions. She and her friends reveal their survival strategies in a society that feels threatened by the simple visibility of a different lifestyle. Thousands of Trans- women live in the big cities of Turkey. Since 2009 there has been an increase in the number of murders of Trans-women. Within the last two years 49 Trans-women have been assassinated. If criminal acts against Transwomen, including their murder, are at all investigated by the police and brought to court, perpetrators can count on a lenient sentence or even immunity from prosecution. Ebru said: “Our life is not worth anything. If you really want to find out, come with me.” The film tells the life story of Ebru and her struggle for social and political change. She herself has experienced that first hand: exclusion by the state, by society and by her own family. Despite facing life threatening attacks she is questioning her society, with humor and self-criticism and is investigating the murders of her friends. After 20 years of separation she is confronting her family with her identity. Along the way she will find her voice and new forms of solidarity. With several friends she is founding the first transgender orchestra in Turkey.

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