Waste on My Plate

Through cinematic visual exploration, Waste on My Plate reveals one of the ugliest realities of our current lifestyle; how we produce so much waste that creeps back to our plate.

Indonesia is the second largest producer of marine plastic waste. Everyday, the country produces 25,000 tons of plastic waste. Despite its severe waste management problem, the country is only starting to explore possible ways to reduce waste. Public campaign, policies and commitment from the industry are only at the preliminary stage. Waste on My Plate relies heavily on the magical impact of its cinematic craftsmanship in shocking the audience with the magnitude of waste problems in Indonesia. From personal homes to mundane communal activities, the film takes the audience into how so much waste is created by living a normal lifestyle as a regular Indonesian citizen. Waste on My Plate also reveals how the plastic waste produced by human activities cannot be completely disposed of and will come back as a threat to food and water safety to the people who create them in the first place. The film wants to create national discussions on how micro-plastics will enter our food system. It aims to galvanise support for existing initiatives that reduce and manage plastic waste while driving stronger policies in reducing plastic waste at both national and local levels.

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