Good Pitch Colombia 2018

Thu 19 Apr 2018

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Para esta edición especial de Good Pitch, cinco documentales relacionados con Colombia se presentarán en un foro en Barranquilla diseñado para impulsar su impacto en temas de justicia social, gracias a una colaboración entre BRITDOC, British Council Colombia y la Fundación Cámara Oscura. Good Pitch Colombia buscará elevar películas documentales con el potencial de impulsar campañas de justicia social a nivel local, nacional, e internacional. Good Pitch is coming to Colombia in March 2018! Good Pitch is made by BRITDOC. Good Pitch Colombia 2018 will be hosted by Fundación Cámara Oscura in Barranquilla in partnership with the British Council Colombia.
Colombia 2018


  • Cosas que No Hacemos Cosas que No Hacemos

    In Mexico, on the Nayarit-Sinaloa border, is an island that seems to be uninhabited by adults; kids work as fishermen, play games, fall in love for the first time, disobey their parents, come to terms with their homosexuality, are afraid of the dark, and narrate their own story. They run, sing, and play without adults, but when the sun sets the demons start to spread and they have to hide. From being afraid of the boogeyman, the devil and other monsters, all of the sudden they are afraid of a friend, a neighbor, a human being, prematurely becoming adults.

  • I'm not the one shouting I'm not the one shouting

    What are the reasons for killing a man? My father, a 65 years old Colombian union leader, suffered an attempt in 2014. Despite the threats and exiles, he still bets everything for the revolution. I got from my dad the need to believe in utopias, but I do not know where to put them today. In this film I start an intimate trip with my dad and his history. This gets me involved through the contradictions of my own family and moments of the recent history of my country and the world where the intolerance and the violence is demonstrated towards whom think differently. With mistakes and blunders, he made part of a generation who dreamt of a project of society, whereas mine is not ready to bet very much for the union. What collective dream do we aspire today as a society?

  • Invisible Border Invisible Border

    In the Colombian Pacific coast there is an Afro-Colombian population living in the midst of a cyclical violence. Modern slavery in sugar cane fields as the only labor alternative, extreme poverty, State’s abandonment, and revenge —transmitted from generation to generation— have led the youth to organize into gangs. Each gang lives locked inside its own “invisible border”: imaginary lines that define their territory and from which they can not escape. It is there where, day after day, they kill each other.

  • Seven Name Woman Seven Name Woman

    This is the story of a woman who found through reinvention a way to survive, in a country that turned its back on her. Her identity is built on forgotten names. Yineth is the seventh one. A peasant girl, a young guerrilla, a middle-class mother, and a government official all make up her story.

  • Soul of the Desert/ Alma del Desierto Soul of the Desert/ Alma del Desierto

    This documentary road movie is a character-driven feature film about Georgina, a member of the indigenous Wayúu tribe, who is also a transgender woman. After decades of solitary exile away from her community, she embarks on a journey to find her family. Walking across the desert to find them, she meets members of the Wayúu community who are struggling with the challenges facing the tribe as a result of corruption in Colombia, the crisis in Venezuela, and a coal mine stealing their water.

  • Yuma Río Sonoro Yuma Río Sonoro

    Río Sonoro is a journey along the Río Magdalena, in search of the sounds of the river. Guided by musician Simón Mejía, from Bomba Estéreo, and told through musical encounters, we get to know characters and stories from the river itself; finding out what it takes to make a living near the water and the way in which they -and their music- interact with the river, at times in an organic and fertile manner, and others in crude and ruthless ways. We also discover the reality of critical environmental problems. The struggles and resistance for the defense of water become more and more present. The imminent threat of contaminated water due to mining, cattle ranching, mismanagement and state policies, create an uninspiring portrait, and take the film in new directions.


Antigua Fábrica de Coltabaco, Barranquilla

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