Good Pitch Europe 2018

Mon 1 Oct 2018

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The next edition of our European Good Pitch flagship event will be hosted at the beautiful Koepelkerk in Amsterdam on 1 October 2018. For enquires about this event or to get onto the wait list email Following the extraordinary work developed in the Nordics over the last three years, this edition embarks onto a new journey focusing on the filmmaker and changemaker communities from the Benelux and German-speaking countries, connecting the best social justice films with new allies and partners.


  • #387 #387

    Every day, more migrants die at sea. #387 is one of them. With exclusive access to their work in Italy and Greece, this film follows a team of forensic pathologists who are fighting to give these people back a name, a memory, a dignity. At their side, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is facing a new challenge: to find the families of the missing migrants, from Senegal to Afghanistan. Together they converge into the matrix of the search for identity, drawing us into a philosophical thriller.

  • All That I Am (formerly The Girl In The Mirror) All That I Am (formerly The Girl In The Mirror)

    The Girl in the Mirror is a coming-of-age story of Emilie (18) who is on her way into adult life after a childhood with fear, sexual abuse and her youth spent in different homes selected by child welfare authorities. The film offers an intimate insight into what it is like to get a grip on your future when your experiences so far in life have mainly been painful. Everybody around Emilie seemed to struggle trying to relate and support her. Now the public authorities are demanding Emilie to start work and participate in society but she is struggling to cope on the road to this new found freedom.


    The trade in toxic waste can have devastating consequences for communities where the waste is dumped. ARICA follows a group of victims fighting to help themselves, and asks whether justice is ever really possible when the economic scales are so unbalanced.

  • Bellingcat – Truth In A Post-Truth World (formerly The Bellingcat Method) Bellingcat – Truth In A Post-Truth World (formerly The Bellingcat Method)

    THE BELLINGCAT METHOD follows the quick rise of the first-ever known civil online investigation group named Bellingcat - an international network of civil researchers who are investigating current conflicts and are putting news agencies and governments to the test.

  • Evelyn Evelyn

    EVELYN is a story about a family overcoming the unthinkable. On a walking odyssey across the United Kingdom, three siblings must confront a past they’ve been unable to talk about, whilst simultaneously repairing the fractures in their own relationships.


    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is possibly the most powerful technology of our time. It has the potential to solve humanity’s biggest challenges yet some fear AI will be our downfall. iHUMAN follows pioneers at the frontline of the race to develop the ever more sophisticated AI to find the questions we need to ask at this crucial point in history.



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