Good Pitch Miami 2017

Tue 20 Jun 2017

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For this special edition of the Good Pitch, eight documentary film projects connected to Latin America and the Caribbean will pitch in a Miami forum designed to boost their social justice impact, thanks to a collaboration between BRITDOC, the John. S. and James L. Knight Foundation, and Fusion Media Group (FMG) -- a division of Univision Communications Inc, the leading media company serving Hispanic America. Good Pitch Miami will seek to elevate films that have the potential to ignite local, national and international social justice campaigns.


  • 500 Years 500 Years

    From a historic genocide trial to the overthrow of a President, 500 YEARS tells a sweeping story of resistance in Guatemala’s recent history through the actions and perspectives of the majority indigenous Mayan population, who now stand poised to reimagine their society. Background photo by Saul Martinez.

  • Away From Meaning Away From Meaning

    Liliana struggles with her borderline personality disorder, trying to be normal. When two of the best private mental institutions in Mexico closed down, Liliana has to fight her crisis at home, supported by her parents and closest friends. A poetic and personal portrait which takes the management of mental health out of the shadows.

  • Madidi Madidi

    Due to this sensitive environmental concerns that this project addresses, no information about the film can be released at this time.

  • The Age of Water The Age of Water

    After a spate of mysterious illnesses and deaths, a community in Mexico discovers that its water is radioactive. What unfolds is a story of resilience, conviction and the lies we tell ourselves about our dwindling resources.

  • The Edge Of Democracy (formerly Impeachment) The Edge Of Democracy (formerly Impeachment)

    An epic tragedy of corruption and betrayal, IMPEACHMENT is a behind-the-scenes look at the ousting of Brazil’s first female president. With exclusive access to the president and other key politicians, the film unravels like a political thriller as Brazil falls into disarray, echoing the undoing of so many democracies throughout the world.

  • The Negotiation (formerly The Negotiators) The Negotiation (formerly The Negotiators)

    A revolution has taken place in Colombia. After centuries of factional war, Colombians sat down with each other and engaged in an exchange of ideas, ideals and demands, rather than bullets. Using archival footage, reporting and intimate interviews with the peace talks’ protagonists, our film tells the story of four years of talks in Havana that brought fifty-two years of conflict to an end.

  • The Pushouts The Pushouts

    "I was in prison before I was even born." So begins the story of Dr. Victor Rios who, by 15, was a high school “dropout" and gang member with multiple felony convictions and a death wish. But when a teacher’s quiet persistence, a mentor’s moral conviction and his best friend’s murder converge, Rios’s path takes an unexpected turn. Through Rios’s unusual and deeply personal lens and with footage of his life stretching back 25 years to when he was still in a gang, THE PUSHOUTS interrogates crucial questions of race, class & power as well as the promise and perils of education at a particularly urgent time.

  • Unaccompanied Children Unaccompanied Children

    UNACCOMPANIED CHILDREN reveals America’s invisible refugee crisis through the eyes of one family that defies a broken system with their unwavering resilience. Deep in the everyday life of the loving and optimistic Gonzalez family, the horrific past of gang-ridden Honduras and the encroaching threat of draconian U.S. enforcement are almost forgotten. The film goes beyond the traditional immigration narrative to a nuanced, intimate story which implicates us all in how we care for the most vulnerable.


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