Good Pitch Vancouver 2018

Tue 6 Nov 2018

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Good Pitch Vancouver will be hosted by Story Money Impact on November 6 at The Anvil Centre, Vancouver. “Good Pitch Vancouver allows Canadian documentarians to join a global network of partners altering how socially relevant films reach citizens. Over time, we hope Good Pitch will influence new business models so documentary filmmaking can be a more viable and impactful part of our media system supporting healthier societies.” Sue Biely, Executive Producer, Good Pitch Vancouver. Applications for Good Pitch Vancouver will be accepted from March 10th - April 6th, 5:00 PM PST
Vancouver 2018



    The proposed new name for our current geological epoch, the Anthropocene is characterized by the profound and lasting changes humans have made to the Earth and its systems. From terraforming of the planet’s surface for mining, urbanization and agriculture to the overwhelming accumulation of technofossils such as concrete and plastic, from elevated extinction rates and biodiversity loss to rising sea levels and ocean acidification, the filmmakers have traversed the globe using high end production values and state of the art camera techniques to document the evidence of humanity’s massive re-engineering of our planet.


    Alarmed by the rising number of women in prison worldwide, three filmmakers ask a group of women in prison to imagine what they would have needed in their lives to avoid incarceration. In a unique collaboration, the women use cameras, paintbrushes, architectural sketches, music, and spoken word to envision an ideal world, authoring their own blueprints for a better society.


    “First they took the children from the land, now they take the land from our children."


    Five years before Wall street’s implosion in 2008, The Corporation, a popular and prophetic analysis of the modern business corporation, famously diagnosed its legal persona as a psychopath. But with Corporate Social Responsibility programs and Shared Value initiatives, corporations now proclaim they are more caring and conscientious. The New Corporation [working title], a sequel from the same filmmakers, takes stock of where things stand today and where we could be headed.


    The Dengs - Qian Hui Deng and Xue Mei Li - were devastated when they received a notice from the Canadian government that their son had died and been buried on Canadian soil. Little else was explained. It wasn’t until a year later that they received his belongings and death certificate. Unable to come to terms with the strange circumstances of his death, the parents migrate from Beijing to Vancouver to investigate the truth behind their son’s alleged suicide.


The Anvil Centre

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