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Sun 3 Oct 2010

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On October 3rd 2010, the Good Pitch arrived in the Bay Area for an electrifying first visit to the West Coast.


  • 25 to Life 25 to Life

    William Brawner was infected with HIV before he turned two and kept it a secret for over twenty years. Now he struggles to confront his promiscuous past and embarks on a new phase of life with his pregnant wife, who is HIV Negative. 25 to Life is a startling and critical look at HIV and AIDS in America, through the intimate perspective of a family and community that has been affected by one man's diagnosis.

  • Green Shall Overcome Green Shall Overcome

    Green Shall Overcome is a 90-minute documentary about Van Jones, the controversial environmental activist. Jones has a dream for America: social justice through green jobs. Handpicked by the Obama Administration to help create a new "green" energy policy for the nation, his vision collides with the partisan politics of Washington.

  • Inocente (formerly Resilient) Inocente (formerly Resilient)

    In America today, one in fifty kids is homeless. For most of us, they are invisible. The documentary feature Inocente delivers a rare glimpse inside the inspirational life of a homeless, undocumented fifteen-year-old artist in San Diego and the extraordinary challenges she must contend with on a daily basis.

  • Oil & Water Oil & Water

    Oil & Water is the story of two boys coming of age in the middle of one of the world’s worst toxic disasters. Hugo fights for the survival of his Amazonian tribe, while David attempts to revolutionize the oil industry. Shot over four years so far, Oil & Water is a shocking and inspiring David & Goliath story.

  • Out in the Silence Out in the Silence

    Out in the Silence is more than a movie; it's part of the growing movement for justice and equality in rural and small town America. Based on the story of a brutal gay bashing of a 16-year-old boy in the filmmaker's small Pennsylvania hometown, the OITS community engagement campaign has emerged as a compelling, proactive model for grassroots activism and civic participation, helping to build bridges rather than walls on issues that have divided our communities for far too long.

  • Rafea: Solar Mama (formerly Barefoot Engineers) Rafea: Solar Mama (formerly Barefoot Engineers)

    Noujaim Films presents Rafea: Solar Mama an intimate cinema verite film which follows the life-changing journey of six women from rural villages in Africa, the Middle East and South America to Bunker Roy's Barefoot College in India where they will become solar engineers and return to install solar energy in their own and surrounding villages.

  • The Revolutionary Optimists The Revolutionary Optimists

    Children are saving lives in the slums of Calcutta. Using dance and street theater, Amlan Ganguly empowers children to become change agents, transforming their neighborhoods with dramatic results. This film has inspired the multi-platform 'Map Your World', putting the power of mobile technologies into the hands of kids, enabling them to map, track, and improve health in their own communities.

  • To Be Heard To Be Heard

    To Be Heard is the story of 3 high-school students who find their way into a radical poetry workshop in the South Bronx. It is a film about lives and language on the edge. The associated engagement campaign, Power Poetry, will be the world's first mobile and online poetry community for youth where creative energies convert social networking into social activism.


Cowell Theatre, Fort Mason Center

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