SOCAP 2010

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SOCAP 2010

3rd October 2010

On October 3rd 2010, the Good Pitch arrived in the Bay Area for an electrifying first visit to the West Coast.

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  • Rafea: Solar Mama

    Noujaim Films presents Rafea: Solar Mama an intimate cinema verite film which follows the life-ch...

  • To Be Heard

    To Be Heard is the story of 3 high-school students who find their way into a radical poetry works...

  • The Revolutionary Optimists

    Children are saving lives in the slums of Calcutta. Using dance and street theater, Amlan Ganguly...

  • Inocente

    In America today, one in fifty kids is homeless. For most of us, they are invisible. The document...

  • Oil & Water

    Oil & Water is the story of two boys coming of age in the middle of one of the world’s worst ...

  • Green Shall Overcome

    Green Shall Overcome is a 90-minute documentary about Van Jones, the controversial environmental ...

  • 25 to Life

    William Brawner was infected with HIV before he turned two and kept it a secret for over twenty y...

  • Out in the Silence

    Out in the Silence is more than a movie; it's part of the growing movement for justice and e...




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