Good Pitch بالعربي

Wed 25 Aug 2021

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Good Pitch بالعربي (in Arabic) will be held on 25th August 2020 as a virtual event.

Beirut DC is hosting the first-ever edition of Good Pitch بالعربي for films from the Arab world. They will bring together Arab filmmakers with leading change makers around urgent social issues to forge new coalitions that are good for the films and good for society.

4 documentaries and 1 fiction film from Lebanon, Egypt and Tunisia will be pitched to a virtual audience of more than 250 change-makers from all over the region and the world. Tackling some of the defining issues of our time - climate change, the refugee crisis, gender roles, identity, government accountability - these films all hold enormous potential for social impact. With the right partners, each of these films has the power to challenge and provoke, to create debate and change lives.

Beirut DC is an internationally established organization striving to empower filmmakers and audiences from every corner of the Arab world.

We believe in the power of film as a driver for change, in access to independent cinema as a right to all communities, across class and culture, and in the right of Arab artists to choose their own narratives. We create resources, events, and virtual and physical spaces that bring filmmakers, communities and civil society closer, paving the way for radical and transformative collaboration.

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Good Pitch بالعربي


  • Album Album

    In 2017 Beirut, "Album" follows the lives of three queer individuals and their relationships with their mothers: Omar, a queer man who tests his mother's tolerance towards homosexuality; Nicole, a bisexual woman who is accepted by her mother; Ameen, a non-binary person whose orientation is entirely rejected by their family. The protagonists' stories are complemented by footage of "Le Marchand De Reves": a photobooth experience where everyday people were photographed as their desired persona in a a judgment-free safe space.

  • Captains of Zaatari Captains of Zaatari

    Captains of Za'atari is a film shot over six years following two teenaged friends; Mahmoud and Fawzi who have fled from Syria to the Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan. Like many young boys in the camp, they dream of becoming professional soccer players and explore better opportunities for them and their families, while facing the difficult reality of their lives. When a world-renowned sports academy visits the camp, both have a chance to make this dream come true.

  • Costa Brava Lebanon Costa Brava Lebanon

    Fed up from Lebanon's pollution and corruption, the Badri family has chosen to live in total isolation in the mountains. When the government decides to build a garbage landfill right outside their fence, everything they ran away from catches up with them. The family has to choose between staying and resisting, or running away once again. As the trash of a whole country piles up on their doorstep, hidden tensions among the three generations arise, threatening not only to destroy their perfect home but also to explode their family.

  • Lift Like A Girl Lift Like A Girl

    A coming of age story about the 14-year-old Egyptian girl Zebiba, who's determined to become a professional and world champion weightlifter. She believes her coach; Captain Ramadan, can help her achieve this unconventional dream, as he did before for his own daughter Nahla Ramadan, the former world champion weightlifter, Olympian and one of the most famous Egyptian athletes of all times. Having Nahla as her idol and having a coach that takes no for an answer, Zebiba trains daily in the streets of the bustling city of Alexandria. For 4 years, Zebiba remains as determined through victories and even defeats.

  • On The Crossbar On The Crossbar

    On the Crossbar tells the story of the fiercest clash between the trade union organization (UGTT) and the regime during the general strike of 26 January 1978 in Tunisia, during which more than 600 people were killed in the worst toll in Tunisia's history. The clash started with the union's demand for its independence in the circumstances of the succession of the "sick" President Habib Bourguiba. During the same period, the Tunisian national football team was playing its qualifying match for the FIFA World Cup. Contrary to what was expected, the team's career exceeded the qualifiers and brought it to the limits of the World Cup, in stunning harmony with the escalation of events in the country.