Good Pitch Indonesia 2019

Thu 5 Sep 2019

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We are very pleased to welcome a very special second edition of Good Pitch in Indonesia in 2019. We are looking for projects who aim to create change in Indonesia, especially from Indonesian filmmakers committed to social justice in the local, national or global level. To widen the access to this extra-ordinary program, Good Pitch Indonesia 2019 welcomes applications both in English and Indonesian language.

Good Pitch Indonesia 2019 is made possible by Ford Foundation and organized by In-Docs in partnership with Doc Society. We are looking forward to working and partnering with filmmakers, civil society organizations, government bodies, educational institutions, donors, businesses, philanthropies, and any individuals who believe in the power of storytelling in creating social impact.

Amelia Hapsari
Program Director, In-Docs

Interested filmmakers can apply now until February 1st, 2019.

More information on Good Pitch program (in Bahasa Indonesia and English) can be downloaded here.

Indonesia 2019


  • A Boarding School / Pesantren A Boarding School / Pesantren

    A Boarding School offers a deep insight into a traditional Islamic educational system based on a peaceful religious teaching that has been practiced in Indonesia for centuries.

  • Aim for the Stars Aim for the Stars

    Salsa and Dea are blind teenagers, who have been friends since kindergarten but now living in two different countries, Indonesia and the U.S. Their heartwarming bitter-sweet coming-of-age story moves the audience to see beyond what is now available for young people living with disabilities in Indonesia.

  • Living On Top Of The Fault / [Re] Lawan Living On Top Of The Fault / [Re] Lawan

    Living on Top of the Fault immerses the audience inside the most important community movement in Central Sulawesi after the deadly disaster that claimed more than 4,000 lives.

  • The Flame The Flame

    One million hectares of Borneo’s forest were destroyed for Mega Rice Project. Iber Djamal (77)—part of the indigenous communities who opposed this project unsuccessfully—keeps on pursuing the only legal way to protect the forest by obtaining a legal customary forest title for the remaining forest in his area.

  • Waste on My Plate Waste on My Plate

    Through cinematic visual exploration, Waste on My Plate reveals one of the ugliest realities of our current lifestyle; how we produce so much waste that creeps back to our plate.



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